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Below are an 'almost' complete schematic set for the RIP 2000 boardset,  These photographs/scans were taken in 2004,  I plan on updating these scans and photographs later this year.... In addition I expect to start adding additional information here, including 'multiple versions of ROM sets' that exist for 'Turbo Sub'

A few words on the RIP 2000 hardware,  The hardware system designed by Ulrich Neumann was extremely powerful for the time period,   There were some side projects also that were looking at using this PCB's for non-gaming use such as 'computer monitoring of Race Cars' and 'control of Drones'.... Remember this was late 1982/1983,  I will be adding some additional information on the hardware soon as well.

Below are a few screen shots from the 'actual RIP 2000' PCB's demoing these applications

RIP 2000  Technical Information
THE RIP 2000 Boards and Components
THE RIP 2000 Schematics
THE RIP 2000 Data Sheets