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A Website Dedicated To The Only Two Games Ever Produced By Entertainment Sciences
Here are some other people's great resources about Entertainment Sciences (In Progress - Suggest Additions)
http://www.ionpool.net/arcade/es/es.html -  Information about the original warehouse find in Louisiana

http://www.multigame.com/bouncer.html -   Clay Cowgill's Information about Bouncer

http://www.klov.com/B/Bouncer.html - Entry in KLOV for Bouncer

http://www.klov.com/T/Turbo_Sub.html - Entry in KLOV for Turbo Sub

http://allincolorforaquarter.blogspot.com/2013/03/bouncer-and-turbo-sub.html - A great site with articles about Entertainment Sciences

- A Trading Card for Bouncer, and some articles and info

If you have additional information please contact me at chris@turbosub.com