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A Website Dedicated To The Only Two Games Ever Produced By Entertainment Sciences
Entertainment Sciences was founded in 1982 at the height of the video game market.    During it's brief time operating it had offices in Santa Ana, CA and Huntington Beach, CA.     Entertainment Sciences was initial called Amusement Sciences and was a subsidary of Creative Sciences.  Another venture of Creative Sciences was 'Vital Sciences' which focused on medical technology

During its time of operation, Entertainment Sciences created two video games 'Bouncer' and 'Turbo Sub'.   While 'Bouncer' came first,  it was shelved to focus on developing 'Turbo Sub'....  Entertainment Sciences started life with the intention of being a 'design shop' and license their technology to major game companies,  there were a few deals in the works which didn't pan out...  Entertainment Sciences decided to mass produce and market the games on their own (something they weren't prepared to do)....  Various issues plaqued Entertainment Sciences,  but a legal battle with a contract company was the final nail in the coffin..

In the end a few 'Turbo Subs' were shipped and and even fewer 'Bouncers' survived by the time the company closed up shop in 1985....  Looking back, Entertainment Sciences was way head of their time in so many areas, and had amazing team..
Information about the corporations,  Creative Sciences started in 1981, with Entertainment Sciences becoming it's own corporation in January of 1983