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About Me......
My name is Chris, I was born in very early 70's and therefore grew up during the 70’s and 80’s when the video game craze was in full bloom. My addiction to video games started in 1977 when my Dad brought home an Atari 2600. I soon followed this addiction up with trips to the local arcades in South Florida. I spent most of my free time and money in the arcades in the late 70’s and 80’s. To supplement this addiction I also had multiple computers to game on as well (CoCo, ADAM, and Amiga)… So in short I was your typical geek….

My fascination with Bouncer began with an article I saw in a video game magazine in the early 80’s…..I waited and waited…..but it never showed up

Flash forward to the early 90’s…. Now working in the IT industry and with some disposable income I became an arcade collector (as we are known now). I started with PCB’s, then moved up to cabinets. Until my 4 bedroom house was wall to wall with games (my how times have changed, now there are 4 games in the garage)….

As I began collecting I would constantly ask operators about ‘Bouncer’, no one seemed to know what it was talking about. Then as the initial ‘text’ version of KLOV was put together it made the list and I knew I was not crazy!!

Through out the 90's I would visit the 'Bouncer' search  but in 2003  I started ‘seriously’ working to track this game down, over the next 11 years a fascinating story would emerge… some of which is documented here.... some not yet :)

Want to chat at about Bouncer.... Drop me a line at chris@turbosub.com