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In an effort to promote 'Bouncer' Entertainment Sciences provided two 'Bouncer' cabinets to the production team for 'NINJA III - The Domination'

One cabinet was fully working, the second was an empy shell to be used for 'special effects'.  The cabinets were driven to a warehouse in Phoenix, AZ where certain scenes of the movie was being filmed.

'Bouncer' was featured in the movie, and is responsible for possessing the main character through an ancient NINJA spirit which has inhabitted the machine.

By the time the film was released,  Entertainment Sciences was focusing on a new title 'Turbo Sub'

The working cabinet was sold in 'prop sale' in the warehouse parking lot immediately after wrapping the film.  The prop master for the film recalls it being sold to an uncreditted worker from Los Angeles.

This film was recently re-released on 'Blu-Ray'........